Keep it simple & uncomplicate juice; JUISI’s words to juice by. Through inspiration from culture and history, JUISI artfully crafts juices & dairy-free milks. With an emphasis on approachability in our products, we strive to create flavors that put taste at the forefront, while still maintaining healthy benefits.

We are committed to providing the freshest and healthiest juices at a price lower than our competitors. All of our juices are made with a blend of organic and clean produce and we personally vet each farm for best practices and hand select our suppliers according to our own set of strict guidelines.

Our history

At the age of thirteen Founder Joseph Savino’s family opened their restaurant called 121 Restaurant, located in the country area of North Salem, NY.  After taking a brief hiatus during his College years, Joseph yearned to return to his passion of the culinary world. He met his future business partner David Milburn, working alongside him in a commercial aviation catering kitchen at JFK Airport. 

With very limited healthy food options where they worked, Joseph and David blended fresh vegetable and fruit juices with produce from the kitchen. A few of the original recipes, such as Watermelon & Pineapple Jamu were conceived then.  Channeling his passion for the arts, Joseph completed all initial design and branding of JUISI, while David conceived the flavors. Within a few short months JUISI sold it first bottle in NYC

The NuMoo Team

Joseph Savino

As the Founder and Visionary of the Brand, Joseph Savino has worked in the food & hospitality industry for 13 years and also has experience in graphic design & commercial kitchen production.

When he catches free time, Joseph can be found practicing Yoga in his hometown studio, Katonah Yoga in NYC. | instagram: @joejuisi

David Milburn

A Johnson & Wales Graduate, David Milburn brings a professional streamlined vision for production and sourcing of produce.

Often working alongside farmers and shippers to ensure the best quality produce, David brings his expertise to a variety of New York City Restaurants, like Duck’s Eatery, in which he is an owner.

Jesse Silver
Sales Guru

As JUISI’s Sales Guru, Jesse brings 15 years of sales and marketing experience in the beverage industry to JUISI. Before creating a partnership with David and Joseph, Jesse spent 13 years working for brands such as Vitaminwater, & Nantucket Nectars.

Kyle Sutherland
Head Juiceologist

Our leader of production, Kyle brings an organized and safe approach to the creations of JUISI. Trained in Juice HACCP (Food Safety) by Cornell University, Kyle is actually a childhood friend of Co-Founder David Milburn.

Anne Briglia

After a decorated career in finance, Anne brings an experienced set of eyes towards JUISI’s growth strategy. In her free time, Anne also helps to operate a 1,000-acre farm in West Virginia.