Keep it simple, uncomplicate juice

Through inspiration from culture and history, JUISI artfully crafts juices & dairy-free milks.

With an emphasis on approachability in our products, we strive to create flavors that put taste at the forefront, while still maintaining healthy benefits.

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JUISI is Timeless

You’ll notice the story of each flavor on every bottle. That’s because each recipe is inspired by a culture, a region and a history.

Tasty Benefits

All of our creations pack plenty of Tasty benefits, such as our watermelon, which boasts electrolytes & antioxidants.


You hate pesticides and GMOs; and so do we. At JUISI we follow the rules of ORGANIC / CLEAN produce.


At JUISI we take great pride on the traceability and transparency of our process.


Health is wealth and at JUISI we are committed to helping you lead a healthy lifestyle. Each bottle of JUISI has been crafted to be delicious and nutritious.


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